Target Speech Enhancement



Target Speech Enhancement (TSE) Engine is an essential element to improve speech recognition performance in automotive infotainment systems.

Usually, when a voice signal is inputted through a microphone, it is mixed with various noise signals from the surroundings, and as a result, the quality of the voice signal, which is mixed with the noise signals, is poor.

Because the poor-quality voice signals can not be used in voice calls or speech recognition programs TSE Engine improves the quality of the voice signal by removing the noise signals.


Process of TSE Engine


TSE Engine by LG AI Platform supports the following features.

Feature Description
Optimal algorithm for speech recognition pre-processing TSE Engine is equipped with high-performance Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) and Noise Reduction (NR) algorithms, and is suitable for pre-processing speech recognition.
Excellent AEC performance AEC effectively removes the echo from various forms of speaker output.
Excellent NR performance NR is equipped with both beamforming (BF) and source separation (SS) techniques, guaranteeing the best performance even in a multi-channel microphone environment.
Flexible gain control Gain can be adjusted through various techniques such as Auto Gain Control, Dynamic Level Control, Limiter, and Parametric EQ to improve the reliability of speech recognition.
Distant speech recognition Recognizes small and distant voices.
Noise and echo reduction Effectively reduces noise and echo, even in noisy environments. Noise/echo reduction rate and voice retention rate can be adjusted according to your preferences.
Multiple operation modes The engine supports various operation modes such as Hands-free, CarPlay, Telematics, and Speech Recognition, and is suitable for call and speech recognition solutions.


Engine Structure

TSE Engine consists of TSE Core and Config Data. It receives PCM data as input values and generates PCM output data with improved sound quality.


Architecture of TSE Engine


Performance Indicator

This is a performance indicator of TSE Engine and third-party engine measured on the vehicle.


Experimental environment

  • Real-time environment that runs the vehicle
  • ITU-T P.1100/1110 compliance with standards
  • Measured in IDLE State and 120 km/h Drive


Experimental result

Category TSE Engine Third-party Engine (Company Q)
3QUEST Scene1 4.02 3.9
3QUEST Scene2 3.27 2.74
3QUEST Scene3 2.86 2.54
3QUEST Scene4 2.76 2.54
Receive TOSQA 3.28 3.23
Sending TOSQA 2.99 2.81
TCLW 58.2 53.7


Examples of Use

TSE Engine is used in automotive infotainment systems for voice call and speech recognition improvement.


  • Improves voice quality of speech recognition in-vehicle

Improves the quality of speech recognition by removing various noises from inside and outside the vehicle.

Vehicles with TSE Engine