LG AI Platform


LG AI Platform provides intelligent AI technologies that allow computing devices to understand and judge the situations around them on their own without needing the instructions from customers.

Also, the platform provides an easy-to-use interface for developers, helping them to apply LG’s AI technologies to various products and services that they develop.

The platform is already used for various AI products and services, such as home appliances, automobiles, signage/kiosks, chatbots and robots, and boasts proven performance and quality.


Provision of an integrated platform based on user experience and knowledge

  • AI Sensing: Various sensing technologies such as voice recognition, vision recognition, and radar that enable functions that recognize users, surroundings, and situations.
  • AI Brain: AI brain technologies that use multi-modal data analysis to deduce and infer user patterns, profile them, and use them to provide knowledge-based services and dialogs.
  • AI Body: AI body technologies that enable human-like services such as synthesizing natural voices similar to human voice and generating natural facial expressions and behaviors just like human.


Provision of easy-to-use development tools and environment

  • Cloud APIs (REST APIs) available for use without restrictions in development environment
  • OS-specific Cloud API sample applications that can be applied and operated immediately
  • Edge APIs (Linux and Android) that support different functions with one interface and increase the development speed
  • A UI-based toolkit which the novices in AI product/service development can use with ease






AI technology with which even non-experts can develop applications easily

  • SDKs and REST APIs that are easy to use
  • Sample programs to help you understand and apply the technology

Proven quality

  • Excellent speech recognition
  • Inspection with LG's strict quality standards
  • Quality has proven through application in various commercial products

Field-specific features

  • Speech AI technology specialized for various devices and spaces
  • Based on LG's technology know-how, it is possible to develop artificial intelligence services specialized for a specific product or business field.

Reduction of development cost

  • Reduction in the initial development and implementation costs through a trial version of Open API provided free of charge
  • Rapid prototyping and demonstration with various toolkits