Sensor Device Orchestrator



Sensor Device Orchestrator (SDO) service connects sensors around a user to collect data and combines the data sensed by each sensor to create new values.

For example, if the user is cooking with a frying pan on an induction range with sensors attached, SDO service receives the frying pan's temperature as the sensor value. If the frying pan temperature becomes too high or too low, the sensor lowers or raises the heat on the burner to help the user with cooking.

Exercising products with a biosensor can also be made to send data such as the user’s heart rate, body mass index, and skeletal muscle mass to SDO service to recommend the exercise types the user needs.

Like this, SDO service not only transmits a product’s sensor value but also analyzes the data to recommend suitable solutions.


SDO Engine Introduce image


SDO service by LG AI Platform supports the following features.

Feature Description
Supports various types of sensor data

Supports various types of sensor data

Superb response speed

Responds immediately to a change in sensor data and judges the changed situation to react accordingly.

Superb linked operation

Easily linked to electronics or devices with sensors attached.

Superb control

Understands the user’s situation and automatically controls the linked electronics or devices.

Accurate data measurement and transfer

Provides necessary data to the user through accurate measurements.

User-oriented solution recommendation

Recommends solutions tailored to the user based on the sensor measurement data.



SDO service is classified into Sensor Sation and Sensor Server.

The Sensor Station collects sensed data from connected sensor modules, processes, and sends it to the Sensor Server. The Sensor Server collects, infers, and processes sensed data received from the Sensor Station and then sends the result to MA. MA understands the user's situation based on the collected data, finds a solution that suits the user, and delivers the data back to the SDO service. And the SDO service delivers the solution value delivered by MA back to the sensor device to propose a solution that suits the user or automatically controls the value.

SDO Engine architecture

Examples of Use

SDO service can be used in various fields.


  • Cooking according to user preference or health info

Adjust the amount of grains and the degree of rice for doneness, depending on user preferences or health information.

SDO Engine usecase

  • Control between induction range and cooking tools

Control the firepower between induction and cooking tools to help to make difficult cooking easy and fun.


SDO Engine usecase

  • Personalized exercise coach for me

Exercises are recommended based on the user’s body condition.


SDO Engine usecase